by Mark Márquez

Im a Graphic designer and professional illustrator from Venezuela since 2013. I found my passion for art at the "Hariko" academy in Esch sur Alzette and participated in different art exhibitions like "Dessine-moi le tram" in luxembourg in 2020. Where I was designing a painting of the future tram station at the Gare in Luxembourg City.

I specialised myself in contemporary pop art using abstract techniques that you can find in my colorful paintings and illustrations. Like an alternate reality of everyday life where i visualise life in colour.

Because in colour, life is happier.

”My friend Mark Márquez has kindly sent me this amazing illustration. First off, can we take a minute to appreciate Mark’s incredible talent? This guy is truly one of a kind- so kind and generous and so so genuine. Gracias mi hermano; this means the absolute world to me!”

Amira Elbana - Digital creator

”The real question we have to ask is what’s the difference between Mister Marquez as an artist and other artists. Being in touch with lots of artists from Luxembourg (country), I truly can point out that Mark Marquez is a humble person and with his smile, he shows how grateful he is for what life gave him. About his art, I can just say that he makes and made an awesome painting about myself and/or other micro influencers from Luxembourg. Even the painting he made in memory of my little cousin that past away was incredible. It was so important for me and he prioritized this painting, because as a human being he understands the suffering of people and isn’t just focalized in money. To finish, I want to underline that he is not just focused in one painting/drawing art, but he has several abilities in different kinds of art. So please, take you time to discover all you need to know about him an human and as a soul.”

Micas Carvalho - Stand Up Comedian

”Mark est un artiste avec un grand A et un passionné avec un grand P. J'ai eu la chance de le rencontrer et comme son art, il est bienveillant, solaire et généreux. Je vous le recommande à 100%”

Simon le Financier - Entrepreneur / Chef